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0 Modern Times (1936) Modern Times genre Passed | 87 min | Comedy, Drama, Family Modern Times tell story about " The Tramp struggles to live in modern industrial society with the help of a young homeless woman." Modern Times directed by: Director: Charles Chaplin | Stars: Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Henry Bergman, Tiny Sandford
1 Libeled Lady (1936) Libeled Lady genre Not Rated | 98 min | Comedy, Romance Libeled Lady tell story about " A newspaper man, his ignored fiancée, and his former employee, a down on his luck reporter, hatch an elaborate scheme to turn a false news story into the truth in order to prevent a high-society woman from suing for libel." Libeled Lady directed by: Director: Jack Conway | Stars: Jean Harlow, William Powell, Myrna Loy, Spencer Tracy
2 Rhythm on the Range (1936) Rhythm on the Range genre Approved | 87 min | Musical, Romance, Western Rhythm on the Range tell story about " Cowboy Jeff Larabee returns from the east and meets Doris Halloway, a young girl, that he regards as a vagabond, till he learns that she's the owner of the farm where he works. He tries to ... See full summary » " Rhythm on the Range directed by: Director: Norman Taurog | Stars: Bing Crosby, Frances Farmer, Bob Burns, Martha Raye
3 Show Boat (1936) Show Boat genre Approved | 113 min | Comedy, Drama, Musical Show Boat tell story about " Despite her mother's objections, the naive young daughter of a show boat captain is thrust into the limelight as the company's new leading lady." Show Boat directed by: Director: James Whale | Stars: Irene Dunne, Allan Jones, Charles Winninger, Paul Robeson
4 My Man Godfrey (1936) My Man Godfrey genre Not Rated | 94 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance My Man Godfrey tell story about " A scatterbrained socialite hires a vagrant as a family butler...but there's more to Godfrey than meets the eye." My Man Godfrey directed by: Director: Gregory La Cava | Stars: William Powell, Carole Lombard, Alice Brady, Gail Patrick
5 Flash Gordon (1936) Flash Gordon genre Approved | 245 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Flash Gordon tell story about " Flash Gordon, Dale Arden and Dr. Alexis Zarkov visit the planet Mongo to thwart the evil schemes of Emperor Ming the Merciless, who has set his planet on a collision course with Earth." Flash Gordon directed by: Directors: Frederick Stephani, Ray Taylor | Stars: Buster Crabbe, Jean Rogers, Charles Middleton, Priscilla Lawson
6 Mr Deeds Goes to Town (1936) Mr. Deeds Goes to Town genre Approved | 115 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance Mr. Deeds Goes to Town tell story about " Longfellow Deeds, a simple-hearted Vermont tuba player, inherits a fortune and has to contend with opportunist city slickers." Mr. Deeds Goes to Town directed by: Director: Frank Capra | Stars: Gary Cooper, Jean Arthur, George Bancroft, Lionel Stander
7 The Crime of Monsieur Lange (1936) The Crime of Monsieur Lange genre Not Rated | 77 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama The Crime of Monsieur Lange tell story about " A man and a woman arrive in a cafe-hotel near the Belgian frontier. The customers recognize the man from the police description. His name is Amedee Lange, and he murdered Batala in Paris. ... See full summary » " The Crime of Monsieur Lange directed by: Director: Jean Renoir | Stars: René Lefèvre, Florelle, Jules Berry, Marcel Lévesque
8 Reefer Madness (1936) Reefer Madness genre PG | 66 min | Drama, Thriller Reefer Madness tell story about " Cautionary tale features a fictionalized and highly exaggerated take on the use of marijuana. A trio of drug dealers lead innocent teenagers to become addicted to "reefer" cigarettes by holding wild parties with jazz music." Reefer Madness directed by: Director: Louis J. Gasnier | Stars: Dorothy Short, Kenneth Craig, Lillian Miles, Dave O'Brien
9 Anthony Adverse (1936) Anthony Adverse genre Not Rated | 141 min | Adventure, Drama, Romance Anthony Adverse tell story about " In 18th-century Italy, an orphan's debt to the man who raised him threatens to separate him forever from the woman he loves." Anthony Adverse directed by: Directors: Mervyn LeRoy, Michael Curtiz | Stars: Fredric March, Olivia de Havilland, Donald Woods, Anita Louise
10 Things to Come (1936) Things to Come genre Not Rated | 100 min | Drama, Sci-Fi, War Things to Come tell story about " The story of a century: a decades-long second World War leaves plague and anarchy, then a rational state rebuilds civilization and attempts space travel." Things to Come directed by: Director: William Cameron Menzies | Stars: Raymond Massey, Edward Chapman, Ralph Richardson, Margaretta Scott
11 Swing Time (1936) Swing Time genre Not Rated | 103 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance Swing Time tell story about " A performer and gambler travels to New York City to raise the $25,000 he needs to marry his fiancée, only to become entangled with a beautiful aspiring dancer." Swing Time directed by: Director: George Stevens | Stars: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Victor Moore, Helen Broderick
12 After the Thin Man (1936) After the Thin Man genre Passed | 112 min | Comedy, Crime, Mystery After the Thin Man tell story about " Nick investigates the case of a missing man and later a murder that is connected to Nora's family." After the Thin Man directed by: Director: W.S. Van Dyke | Stars: William Powell, Myrna Loy, James Stewart, Elissa Landi
13 The Great Ziegfeld (1936) The Great Ziegfeld genre Not Rated | 110 min | Biography, Drama, Musical The Great Ziegfeld tell story about " The ups and downs of Florenz Ziegfeld Jr., famed producer of extravagant stage revues, are portrayed." The Great Ziegfeld directed by: Director: Robert Z. Leonard | Stars: William Powell, Myrna Loy, Luise Rainer, Frank Morgan
14 Camille (1936) Camille genre Passed | 109 min | Drama, Romance Camille tell story about " A Parisian courtesan must choose between the young man who loves her and the callous baron who wants her, even as her own health begins to fail." Camille directed by: Director: George Cukor | Stars: Greta Garbo, Robert Taylor, Lionel Barrymore, Elizabeth Allan
15 The Petrified Forest (1936) The Petrified Forest genre Not Rated | 82 min | Drama, Film-Noir, Romance The Petrified Forest tell story about " A waitress, a hobo and a bank robber get mixed up at a lonely diner in the desert." The Petrified Forest directed by: Director: Archie Mayo | Stars: Leslie Howard, Humphrey Bogart, Bette Davis, Genevieve Tobin
16 The Texas Rangers (1936) The Texas Rangers genre Passed | 98 min | Adventure, Western The Texas Rangers tell story about " Two down-on-their-luck former outlaws volunteer to be Texas Rangers and find themselves assigned to bring in an old friend, now a notorious outlaw." The Texas Rangers directed by: Director: King Vidor | Stars: Fred MacMurray, Jack Oakie, Jean Parker, Lloyd Nolan
17 The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936) The Charge of the Light Brigade genre Approved | 115 min | Action, Adventure, Romance The Charge of the Light Brigade tell story about " A major countermands orders and attacks to avenge a previous massacre of men, women, and children." The Charge of the Light Brigade directed by: Director: Michael Curtiz | Stars: Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Patric Knowles, Henry Stephenson
18 Secret Agent (1936) Secret Agent genre Unrated | 86 min | Mystery, Thriller Secret Agent tell story about " After three British agents are assigned to assassinate a mysterious German spy during World War I, two of them become ambivalent when their duty to the mission conflicts with their consciences." Secret Agent directed by: Director: Alfred Hitchcock | Stars: John Gielgud, Madeleine Carroll, Robert Young, Peter Lorre
19 Fury (1936) Fury genre Not Rated | 92 min | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir Fury tell story about " When a wrongly accused prisoner barely survives a lynch mob attack and is presumed dead, he vindictively decides to fake his death and frame the mob for his supposed murder." Fury directed by: Director: Fritz Lang | Stars: Sylvia Sidney, Spencer Tracy, Walter Abel, Bruce Cabot
20 Sabotage (1936) Sabotage genre Approved | 90 min | Thriller Sabotage tell story about " A Scotland Yard undercover detective is on the trail of a saboteur who is part of a plot to set off a bomb in London. But when the detective's cover is blown, the plot begins to unravel." Sabotage directed by: Director: Alfred Hitchcock | Stars: Sylvia Sidney, Oskar Homolka, Desmond Tester, John Loder
21 Dodsworth (1936) Dodsworth genre Passed | 101 min | Drama, Romance Dodsworth tell story about " A retired auto manufacturer and his wife take a long-planned European vacation only to find that they want very different things from life." Dodsworth directed by: Director: William Wyler | Stars: Walter Huston, Ruth Chatterton, Paul Lukas, Mary Astor
22 Dracula s Daughter (1936) Dracula's Daughter genre Approved | 71 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror Dracula's Daughter tell story about " Hungarian countess Marya Zaleska seeks the aid of a noted psychiatrist, hoping to free herself of a mysterious evil influence." Dracula's Daughter directed by: Director: Lambert Hillyer | Stars: Otto Kruger, Gloria Holden, Marguerite Churchill, Edward Van Sloan
23 Born to Dance (1936) Born to Dance genre Passed | 106 min | Musical, Comedy Born to Dance tell story about " Sailor Ted meets at the Lonely Hearts Club of his friend Gunny's wife, Jenny, a girl, Nora Paige, and falls in love. Nora wants to become a dancer on Broadway. Ted rescues the Pekinese of ... See full summary » " Born to Dance directed by: Director: Roy Del Ruth | Stars: Eleanor Powell, James Stewart, Virginia Bruce, Una Merkel
24 Follow the Fleet (1936) Follow the Fleet genre Approved | 110 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance Follow the Fleet tell story about " A Navy sailor tries to rekindle a romance with the woman he loves while on liberty in San Francisco." Follow the Fleet directed by: Director: Mark Sandrich | Stars: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Randolph Scott, Harriet Nelson
25 The Last of the Mohicans (1936) The Last of the Mohicans genre Approved | 91 min | Adventure, Drama, History The Last of the Mohicans tell story about " In the year 1756, Fort William Henry on Lake George is under siege by the French and Hurons under General Montcalm. Alice and Cora Munro, young daughters of the British Commander, Colonel ... See full summary » " The Last of the Mohicans directed by: Director: George B. Seitz | Stars: Randolph Scott, Binnie Barnes, Henry Wilcoxon, Bruce Cabot
26 Little Lord Fauntleroy (1936) Little Lord Fauntleroy genre Passed | 102 min | Drama, Family Little Lord Fauntleroy tell story about " An American boy turns out to be the long-lost heir of a British fortune. He is sent to live with the cold and unsentimental lord who oversees the trust." Little Lord Fauntleroy directed by: Director: John Cromwell | Stars: Freddie Bartholomew, Dolores Costello, C. Aubrey Smith, Guy Kibbee
27 San Francisco (1936) San Francisco genre Unrated | 115 min | Drama, Musical, Romance San Francisco tell story about " A Barbary Coast saloonkeeper and a Nob Hill impresario are rivals for the affections of a beautiful singer, both personally and professionally in 1906 San Francisco." San Francisco directed by: Director: W.S. Van Dyke | Stars: Clark Gable, Jeanette MacDonald, Spencer Tracy, Jack Holt
28 The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1936) The Trail of the Lonesome Pine genre TV-14 | 102 min | Drama, Romance The Trail of the Lonesome Pine tell story about " A feud, the origins of which can barely be remembered, has been boiling for decades between two sheltered mountain families, the Tollivers and the Falins. With plans to build a railroad ... See full summary » " The Trail of the Lonesome Pine directed by: Director: Henry Hathaway | Stars: Sylvia Sidney, Fred MacMurray, Henry Fonda, Fred Stone
29 Wife vs Secretary (1936) Wife vs. Secretary genre Passed | 88 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance Wife vs. Secretary tell story about " The wife of a publishing executive mistakenly believes that her husband's relationship with his attractive secretary is more than professional." Wife vs. Secretary directed by: Director: Clarence Brown | Stars: Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Myrna Loy, May Robson
30 Hideout in the Alps (1936) Hideout in the Alps genre 75 min | Crime, Drama Hideout in the Alps tell story about " A forger returns to his family when he leaves jail vowing to go straight. Although approached by an international counterfeiting gang he keeps his word only to find his nephew is in the ... See full summary » " Hideout in the Alps directed by: Director: Bernard Vorhaus | Stars: Ronald Squire, Jane Baxter, Anthony Bushell, Arthur Macrae
31 Romeo and Juliet (1936) Romeo and Juliet genre Passed | 125 min | Drama, Romance Romeo and Juliet tell story about " Young love is poisoned by a generations long feud between two noble families." Romeo and Juliet directed by: Director: George Cukor | Stars: Norma Shearer, Leslie Howard, John Barrymore, Edna May Oliver
32 Rose Marie (1936) Rose-Marie genre Passed | 113 min | Musical, Romance, Adventure Rose-Marie tell story about " Opera singer (Marie de Flor) seeks out fugitive brother in the Canadian wilderness. During her trek, she meets a Canadian mountie (Sgt. Bruce) who is also searching for her brother. Romance... See full summary » " Rose-Marie directed by: Director: W.S. Van Dyke | Stars: Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, Reginald Owen, Allan Jones
33 Poor Little Rich Girl (1936) Poor Little Rich Girl genre Approved | 79 min | Adventure, Comedy, Family Poor Little Rich Girl tell story about " The daughter of a wealthy businessman becomes lost in the city while traveling to a new school, and is taken in by a pair of down-on-their-luck performers." Poor Little Rich Girl directed by: Director: Irving Cummings | Stars: Shirley Temple, Alice Faye, Gloria Stuart, Jack Haley
34 Anything Goes (1936) Anything Goes genre 92 min | Comedy, Musical Anything Goes tell story about " A young man falls in love with a beautiful blonde. When he sees her being forced onto a luxury liner, he decides to follow and rescue her. However, he discovers that she is an English ... See full summary » " Anything Goes directed by: Director: Lewis Milestone | Stars: Bing Crosby, Ethel Merman, Charles Ruggles, Ida Lupino
35 Small Town Girl (1936) Small Town Girl genre Approved | 106 min | Comedy, Romance Small Town Girl tell story about " Kay is a girl living in a small rural town whose life is just too dull and repetitious to bear. One night, she meets young, handsome, and rich Bob Dakin, who asks her for directions while ... See full summary » " Small Town Girl directed by: Directors: William A. Wellman, Robert Z. Leonard | Stars: Janet Gaynor, Robert Taylor, Binnie Barnes, Andy Devine
36 Tarzan Escapes (1936) Tarzan Escapes genre Passed | 89 min | Action, Adventure Tarzan Escapes tell story about " An expedition seeking to bring Jane back to civilization, and Tarzan into captivity, gets more than it's bargained for." Tarzan Escapes directed by: Directors: Richard Thorpe, John Farrow, James C. McKay, George B. Seitz, William A. Wellman | Stars: Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan, John Buckler, Benita Hume
37 The Devil Doll (1936) The Devil-Doll genre Passed | 78 min | Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi The Devil-Doll tell story about " An escaped convict uses miniaturized humans to wreak vengeance on those that framed him." The Devil-Doll directed by: Director: Tod Browning | Stars: Lionel Barrymore, Maureen O'Sullivan, Frank Lawton, Rafaela Ottiano
38 The Garden of Allah (1936) The Garden of Allah genre Approved | 75 min | Adventure, Drama, Romance The Garden of Allah tell story about " The star-crossed desert romance of a cloistered woman and a renegade monk." The Garden of Allah directed by: Director: Richard Boleslawski | Stars: Marlene Dietrich, Charles Boyer, Tilly Losch, Basil Rathbone
39 Come and Get It (1936) Come and Get It genre Passed | 99 min | Drama Come and Get It tell story about " An ambitious lumberjack abandons his saloon girl lover so that he can marry into wealth, but years later becomes infatuated with the woman's daughter." Come and Get It directed by: Directors: Howard Hawks, William Wyler, Richard Rosson | Stars: Edward Arnold, Joel McCrea, Frances Farmer, Walter Brennan
40 The Plainsman (1936) The Plainsman genre Approved | 113 min | Biography, History, Romance The Plainsman tell story about " Wild Bill Hickok attempts to stop an Indian uprising that was started by white gun-runners." The Plainsman directed by: Director: Cecil B. DeMille | Stars: Gary Cooper, Jean Arthur, James Ellison, Charles Bickford
41 Desire (1936) Desire genre Approved | 95 min | Comedy, Romance, Crime Desire tell story about " An automotive engineer bound for a holiday in Spain meets a sultry jewel thief." Desire directed by: Director: Frank Borzage | Stars: Marlene Dietrich, Gary Cooper, John Halliday, William Frawley
42 Love Before Breakfast (1936) Love Before Breakfast genre Approved | 70 min | Comedy Love Before Breakfast tell story about " A rich businessman stalks another man's fiancée." Love Before Breakfast directed by: Director: Walter Lang | Stars: Carole Lombard, Preston Foster, Cesar Romero, Janet Beecher
43 Bullets or Ballots (1936) Bullets or Ballots genre Approved | 82 min | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir Bullets or Ballots tell story about " After Police Captain Dan McLaren becomes police commissioner former detective Johnny Blake knocks him down convincing rackets boss Al Kruger that Blake is sincere in his effort to join the ... See full summary » " Bullets or Ballots directed by: Director: William Keighley | Stars: Edward G. Robinson, Joan Blondell, Barton MacLane, Humphrey Bogart
44 The Gorgeous Hussy (1936) The Gorgeous Hussy genre Passed | 103 min | Drama, History The Gorgeous Hussy tell story about " President Andrew Jackson's friendship with an innkeeper's daughter spells trouble for them both." The Gorgeous Hussy directed by: Director: Clarence Brown | Stars: Joan Crawford, Robert Taylor, Lionel Barrymore, Franchot Tone
45 The Walking Dead (1936) The Walking Dead genre Approved | 66 min | Crime, Horror, Sci-Fi The Walking Dead tell story about " After hapless pianist and ex-con John Elman is framed for murder, he is resurrected by a scientist after his execution." The Walking Dead directed by: Director: Michael Curtiz | Stars: Boris Karloff, Ricardo Cortez, Edmund Gwenn, Marguerite Churchill
46 The Amazing Adventure (1936) The Amazing Adventure genre 61 min | Drama, Romance, Comedy The Amazing Adventure tell story about " A bored millionaire wagers his doctor that he can support himself at a working class job for year without touching his inheritance." The Amazing Adventure directed by: Director: Alfred Zeisler | Stars: Cary Grant, Mary Brian, Peter Gawthorne, Henry Kendall
47 Mary of Scotland (1936) Mary of Scotland genre Approved | 123 min | Biography, Drama, History Mary of Scotland tell story about " The recently widowed Mary Stuart returns to Scotland to reclaim her throne but is opposed by her half-brother and her own Scottish lords." Mary of Scotland directed by: Directors: John Ford, Leslie Goodwins | Stars: Katharine Hepburn, Fredric March, Florence Eldridge, Douglas Walton
48 Suzy (1936) Suzy genre Passed | 93 min | Drama Suzy tell story about " Believing a German spy has killed her new husband, a struggling chorus girl flees to Paris where she meets and marries a World War I pilot, whose carefree ways brings about unexpected results." Suzy directed by: Director: George Fitzmaurice | Stars: Jean Harlow, Franchot Tone, Cary Grant, Lewis Stone
49 The Story of Louis Pasteur (1936) The Story of Louis Pasteur genre Unrated | 86 min | Biography, Drama, History The Story of Louis Pasteur tell story about " The biography of the pioneering French microbiologist who helped revolutionize agriculture and medicine." The Story of Louis Pasteur directed by: Director: William Dieterle | Stars: Paul Muni, Josephine Hutchinson, Anita Louise, Donald Woods