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0 Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge (1937) Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge genre G | 83 min | Animation, Family, Fantasy Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge tell story about " Exiled into the dangerous forest by her wicked stepmother, a princess is rescued by seven dwarf miners who make her part of their household." Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge directed by: Directors: William Cottrell, David Hand, Wilfred Jackson, Larry Morey, Perce Pearce, Ben Sharpsteen | Stars: Adriana Caselotti, Harry Stockwell, Lucille La Verne, Roy Atwell
1 Lost Horizon (1937) Lost Horizon genre Unrated | 97 min | Adventure, Drama, Fantasy Lost Horizon tell story about " A plane crash delivers a group of people to the secluded land of Shangri-La - but is it the miraculous utopia it appears to be?" Lost Horizon directed by: Director: Frank Capra | Stars: Ronald Colman, Jane Wyatt, Edward Everett Horton, John Howard
2 La Grande Illusion (1937) La Grande Illusion genre Unrated | 107 min | Drama, War La Grande Illusion tell story about " During the First World War, two French soldiers are captured and imprisoned in a German P.O.W. camp. Several escape attempts follow until they are sent to a seemingly impenetrable fortress which seems impossible to escape from." La Grande Illusion directed by: Director: Jean Renoir | Stars: Jean Gabin, Dita Parlo, Pierre Fresnay, Erich von Stroheim
3 Nothing Sacred (1937) Nothing Sacred genre Approved | 77 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance Nothing Sacred tell story about " An eccentric woman learns she is not dying of radium poisoning as earlier assumed, but when she meets a reporter looking for a story, she feigns sickness again for her own profit." Nothing Sacred directed by: Director: William A. Wellman | Stars: Carole Lombard, Fredric March, Charles Winninger, Walter Connolly
4 Topper (1937) Topper genre Passed | 97 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance Topper tell story about " A fun-loving couple, finding that they died and are now ghosts, decide to shake up the stuffy lifestyle of a friend of theirs." Topper directed by: Director: Norman Z. McLeod | Stars: Cary Grant, Constance Bennett, Roland Young, Billie Burke
5 Heidi (1937) Heidi genre Approved | 88 min | Drama, Family, Musical Heidi tell story about " A plucky little orphan girl gets dumped abruptly into her gruff, hermit grandfather's care, then later gets retaken and delivered as a companion for an injured girl." Heidi directed by: Director: Allan Dwan | Stars: Shirley Temple, Jean Hersholt, Arthur Treacher, Helen Westley
6 The Awful Truth (1937) The Awful Truth genre Not Rated | 91 min | Comedy, Romance The Awful Truth tell story about " Unfounded suspicions lead a married couple to begin divorce proceedings, whereupon they start undermining each other's attempts to find new romance." The Awful Truth directed by: Director: Leo McCarey | Stars: Irene Dunne, Cary Grant, Ralph Bellamy, Alexander D'Arcy
7 A Star Is Born (1937) A Star Is Born genre Not Rated | 111 min | Drama A Star Is Born tell story about " A young woman comes to Hollywood with dreams of stardom, but achieves them only with the help of an alcoholic leading man whose best days are behind him." A Star Is Born directed by: Directors: William A. Wellman, Jack Conway | Stars: Janet Gaynor, Fredric March, Adolphe Menjou, May Robson
8 Captains Courageous (1937) Captains Courageous genre Passed | 117 min | Adventure, Drama, Family Captains Courageous tell story about " A spoiled brat who falls overboard from a steamship gets picked up by a fishing boat, where he's made to earn his keep by joining the crew in their work." Captains Courageous directed by: Director: Victor Fleming | Stars: Spencer Tracy, Freddie Bartholomew, Lionel Barrymore, Melvyn Douglas
9 The Good Earth (1937) The Good Earth genre Passed | 138 min | Drama, Romance The Good Earth tell story about " The story of a farmer in China: a story of humility and bravery. His father gives Wang Lung a freed slave as wife. By diligence and frugality the two manage to enlarge their property. But ... See full summary » " The Good Earth directed by: Directors: Sidney Franklin, Victor Fleming, Gustav Machatý, Sam Wood | Stars: Paul Muni, Luise Rainer, Walter Connolly, Tilly Losch
10 The Hurricane (1937) The Hurricane genre Approved | 100 min | Action, Drama, Romance The Hurricane tell story about " A Polynesian sailor -- unjustly imprisoned after defending himself against a colonial bully -- is relentlessly persecuted by his island's martinet French governor." The Hurricane directed by: Director: John Ford | Stars: Dorothy Lamour, Jon Hall, Mary Astor, C. Aubrey Smith
11 Stella Dallas (1937) Stella Dallas genre Approved | 106 min | Drama, Romance Stella Dallas tell story about " A working-class woman is willing to do whatever it takes to give her daughter a socially promising future." Stella Dallas directed by: Director: King Vidor | Stars: Barbara Stanwyck, John Boles, Anne Shirley, Barbara O'Neil
12 Shall We Dance (1937) Shall We Dance genre Approved | 109 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance Shall We Dance tell story about " A budding romance between a ballet master and a tap dancer becomes complicated when rumors surface that they're already married." Shall We Dance directed by: Director: Mark Sandrich | Stars: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Edward Everett Horton, Eric Blore
13 Stage Door (1937) Stage Door genre Approved | 92 min | Comedy, Drama Stage Door tell story about " A chronicle of the ambitions, dreams, and disappointments of aspiring actresses who all live in the same boarding house." Stage Door directed by: Director: Gregory La Cava | Stars: Katharine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Adolphe Menjou, Gail Patrick
14 Dead End (1937) Dead End genre Approved | 93 min | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir Dead End tell story about " The lives of a young man and woman, an infamous gangster and a group of street kids converge one day in a volatile New York City slum." Dead End directed by: Director: William Wyler | Stars: Sylvia Sidney, Joel McCrea, Humphrey Bogart, Wendy Barrie
15 Way Out West (1937) Way Out West genre Approved | 64 min | Comedy, Family, Western Way Out West tell story about " Stan and Ollie are charged with delivering the deed to a valuable gold mine to the daughter of a dead prospector. However they reckon without the machinations of her evil guardian Mickey ... See full summary » " Way Out West directed by: Director: James W. Horne | Stars: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Sharon Lynn, James Finlayson
16 Wells Fargo (1937) Wells Fargo genre Passed | 97 min | History, Western Wells Fargo tell story about " The life and career of a Wells Fargo official frames this fictionalized account of the express company's formation." Wells Fargo directed by: Director: Frank Lloyd | Stars: Joel McCrea, Bob Burns, Frances Dee, Lloyd Nolan
17 Make Way for Tomorrow (1937) Make Way for Tomorrow genre Not Rated | 91 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance Make Way for Tomorrow tell story about " An elderly couple are forced to separate when they lose their house and none of their five children will take both parents in." Make Way for Tomorrow directed by: Director: Leo McCarey | Stars: Victor Moore, Beulah Bondi, Fay Bainter, Thomas Mitchell
18 The Prisoner of Zenda (1937) The Prisoner of Zenda genre Approved | 101 min | Adventure, Drama, Romance The Prisoner of Zenda tell story about " An Englishman on a Ruritarian holiday must impersonate the king when the rightful monarch, a distant cousin, is drugged and kidnapped." The Prisoner of Zenda directed by: Directors: John Cromwell, W.S. Van Dyke | Stars: Ronald Colman, Madeleine Carroll, C. Aubrey Smith, Raymond Massey
19 A Day at the Races (1937) A Day at the Races genre Passed | 105 min | Comedy, Musical, Sport A Day at the Races tell story about " A veterinarian posing as a doctor, a race-horse owner and his friends struggle to help keep a sanitarium open with the help of a misfit race-horse." A Day at the Races directed by: Director: Sam Wood | Stars: Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Harpo Marx, Allan Jones
20 The Girl Was Young (1937) The Girl Was Young genre Not Rated | 83 min | Crime, Mystery, Romance The Girl Was Young tell story about " Man on the run from a murder charge enlists a beautiful stranger who must put herself at risk for his cause." The Girl Was Young directed by: Director: Alfred Hitchcock | Stars: Nova Pilbeam, Derrick De Marney, Percy Marmont, Edward Rigby
21 Storm in a Teacup (1937) Storm in a Teacup genre Approved | 87 min | Comedy, Romance Storm in a Teacup tell story about " A local politician in Scotland tries to break the reporter who wrote a negative story about him, and who is also in love with his daughter." Storm in a Teacup directed by: Directors: Ian Dalrymple, Victor Saville | Stars: Vivien Leigh, Rex Harrison, Cecil Parker, Sara Allgood
22 The Life of Emile Zola (1937) The Life of Emile Zola genre Not Rated | 116 min | Biography, Drama The Life of Emile Zola tell story about " The biopic of the famous French muckraking writer and his involvement in fighting the injustice of the Dreyfuss Affair." The Life of Emile Zola directed by: Director: William Dieterle | Stars: Paul Muni, Gale Sondergaard, Joseph Schildkraut, Gloria Holden
23 The Prince and the Pauper (1937) The Prince and the Pauper genre Approved | 118 min | Adventure, Drama, Family The Prince and the Pauper tell story about " Two look-alike boys, one a poor street kid and the other a prince, exchange places to see what the other's life is like." The Prince and the Pauper directed by: Directors: William Keighley, William Dieterle | Stars: Errol Flynn, Claude Rains, Henry Stephenson, Barton MacLane
24 Navy Blue and Gold (1937) Navy Blue and Gold genre Passed | 94 min | Drama, Sport Navy Blue and Gold tell story about " Truck Cross, played by Jimmy Stewart, isn't an enlisted soldier. He is an enlisted man in the Navy and therefore a sailor. Otherwise, Harold Thornton's review is excellent." Navy Blue and Gold directed by: Director: Sam Wood | Stars: Robert Young, James Stewart, Florence Rice, Billie Burke
25 A Night of Terror (1937) A Night of Terror genre 86 min | Drama, Mystery, Romance A Night of Terror tell story about " A lottery winner breaks up with her fiancé and marries a fortune hunter who proves to be dangerous." A Night of Terror directed by: Director: Rowland V. Lee | Stars: Ann Harding, Basil Rathbone, Binnie Hale, Bruce Seton
26 You Only Live Once (1937) You Only Live Once genre Passed | 86 min | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir You Only Live Once tell story about " The public defender's secretary and an ex-convict get married and try to make a life together, but a series of disasters sends their lives spiraling out of control." You Only Live Once directed by: Director: Fritz Lang | Stars: Sylvia Sidney, Henry Fonda, Barton MacLane, Jean Dixon
27 Fire Over England (1937) Fire Over England genre Approved | 92 min | Adventure, History, Romance Fire Over England tell story about " Queen Elizabeth is running this show. The men in her court should be thinking about how to add to the glory of the Elizabethan Age and how to foil those pesky Spanish who got far too much ... See full summary » " Fire Over England directed by: Director: William K. Howard | Stars: Laurence Olivier, Flora Robson, Vivien Leigh, Raymond Massey
28 Saratoga (1937) Saratoga genre Passed | 92 min | Drama, Comedy, Romance Saratoga tell story about " After winning a stud farm in lieu of gambling debts, bookie Duke Bradley turns an eye to the daughter of the now deceased gambler and her millionaire fiancée." Saratoga directed by: Director: Jack Conway | Stars: Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Lionel Barrymore, Frank Morgan
29 King Solomon s Mines (1937) King Solomon's Mines genre Not Rated | 77 min | Action, Adventure, Drama King Solomon's Mines tell story about " White hunter Allan Quartermain and his enigmatic guide help a young Irish woman locate her missing father in unexplored Darkest Africa." King Solomon's Mines directed by: Directors: Robert Stevenson, Geoffrey Barkas | Stars: Paul Robeson, Cedric Hardwicke, Roland Young, John Loder
30 Marked Woman (1937) Marked Woman genre Approved | 96 min | Crime, Film-Noir, Thriller Marked Woman tell story about " A crusading DA persuades a clip joint "party girl" to testify against her mobster boss after her innocent sister is accidentally murdered during one of his unsavory "parties"." Marked Woman directed by: Directors: Lloyd Bacon, Michael Curtiz | Stars: Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, Lola Lane, Isabel Jewell
31 Maytime (1937) Maytime genre Approved | 132 min | Drama, Musical, Romance Maytime tell story about " An elderly Miss Morrison recounts her life as the once young and beautiful opera singer Marcia Morney-then the toast of Napoleon III's Paris. One evening, she encounters an American voice ... See full summary » " Maytime directed by: Director: Robert Z. Leonard | Stars: Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, John Barrymore, Herman Bing
32 A Damsel in Distress (1937) A Damsel in Distress genre Approved | 101 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance A Damsel in Distress tell story about " Lady Alyce Marshmorton must marry soon, and the staff of Tottney Castle have laid bets on who she'll choose, with young Albert wagering on "Mr. X." After Alyce goes to London to meet a beau... See full summary » " A Damsel in Distress directed by: Director: George Stevens | Stars: Fred Astaire, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Joan Fontaine
33 Wee Willie Winkie (1937) Wee Willie Winkie genre Approved | 100 min | Adventure, Family Wee Willie Winkie tell story about " Priscilla Williams is a young girl traveling with her mother, Joyce, to join her paternal grandfather, a British army colonel, at the post he commands in northern India. Upon arrival, they ... See full summary » " Wee Willie Winkie directed by: Director: John Ford | Stars: Shirley Temple, Victor McLaglen, C. Aubrey Smith, June Lang
34 They Won t Forget (1937) They Won't Forget genre Not Rated | 95 min | Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery They Won't Forget tell story about " A politically ambitious district attorney, unscrupulous tabloid journalists, and regional prejudice combine to charge a teacher with the murder of his student." They Won't Forget directed by: Director: Mervyn LeRoy | Stars: Claude Rains, Gloria Dickson, Edward Norris, Otto Kruger
35 Dark Journey (1937) Dark Journey genre Not Rated | 77 min | Adventure, Romance, Thriller Dark Journey tell story about " During World War I, a German spy and a French spy meet and fall in love." Dark Journey directed by: Director: Victor Saville | Stars: Conrad Veidt, Vivien Leigh, Joan Gardner, Anthony Bushell
36 Night Must Fall (1937) Night Must Fall genre Passed | 116 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller Night Must Fall tell story about " When a rich but cantankerous dowager on an isolated estates hires an engaging handyman, her niece/companion becomes suspicious of his motives." Night Must Fall directed by: Director: Richard Thorpe | Stars: Merle Tottenham, Kathleen Harrison, May Whitty, Rosalind Russell
37 Born Reckless (1937) Born Reckless genre Approved | 59 min | Action, Adventure, Crime Born Reckless tell story about " A champion auto racer takes a job with a taxicab company being harassed by a gangster who wants to take over all the cab companies in town." Born Reckless directed by: Directors: Malcolm St. Clair, Gustav Machatý | Stars: Rochelle Hudson, Brian Donlevy, Barton MacLane, Robert Kent
38 Angel (1937) Angel genre Approved | 91 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance Angel tell story about " A woman and her husband take separate vacations, and she falls in love with another man." Angel directed by: Director: Ernst Lubitsch | Stars: Marlene Dietrich, Herbert Marshall, Melvyn Douglas, Edward Everett Horton
39 Born to the West (1937) Born to the West genre Approved | 59 min | Romance, Western Born to the West tell story about " Can Dare Rudd prove he is responsible enough to win the heart of Judy and also outwit the crooked saloon owner?" Born to the West directed by: Director: Charles Barton | Stars: John Wayne, Marsha Hunt, Johnny Mack Brown, John Patterson
40 Conquest (1937) Conquest genre Approved | 113 min | Drama, History, Romance Conquest tell story about " A Polish countess becomes Napoleon Bonaparte's mistress at the urging of Polish leaders, who feel she could influence him to make Poland independent." Conquest directed by: Directors: Clarence Brown, Gustav Machatý | Stars: Greta Garbo, Charles Boyer, Reginald Owen, Alan Marshal
41 Kid Galahad (1937) Kid Galahad genre Approved | 102 min | Crime, Drama, Romance Kid Galahad tell story about " Fight promoter Nick Donati grooms a bellhop as a future champ, but has second thoughts when the 'kid' falls for his sister." Kid Galahad directed by: Director: Michael Curtiz | Stars: Edward G. Robinson, Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, Wayne Morris
42 Seventh Heaven (1937) Seventh Heaven genre Approved | 102 min | Drama, Romance Seventh Heaven tell story about " A Parisian sewer worker longs for a rise in status and a beautiful wife. He rescues a girl from the police, lives with her in a barren flat on the seventh floor, and then marches away to ... See full summary » " Seventh Heaven directed by: Director: Henry King | Stars: Simone Simon, James Stewart, Jean Hersholt, Gregory Ratoff
43 Dance Program (1937) Dance Program genre 144 min | Drama Dance Program tell story about " Christine, newly widowed and consumed by the memory of a ball she attended age 16, decides to track down the men she danced with that night and discover their fates." Dance Program directed by: Director: Julien Duvivier | Stars: Marie Bell, Françoise Rosay, Louis Jouvet, Harry Baur
44 Living on Love (1937) Living on Love genre Approved | 61 min | Comedy, Romance Living on Love tell story about " Mary, a sometimes employed Midwest transplant living in New York is forced to share an apartment with Jack, a starving artist-night watchman. Both having problems paying their rent, ... See full summary » " Living on Love directed by: Director: Lew Landers | Stars: James Dunn, Whitney Bourne, Joan Woodbury, Solly Ward
45 Black Legion (1937) Black Legion genre Approved | 83 min | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir Black Legion tell story about " When a hard-working machinist loses a promotion to a Polish-born worker, he is seduced into joining the secretive Black Legion, which intimidates foreigners through violence." Black Legion directed by: Directors: Archie Mayo, Michael Curtiz | Stars: Humphrey Bogart, Ann Sheridan, Dick Foran, Erin O'Brien-Moore
46 The Last Gangster (1937) The Last Gangster genre Passed | 81 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller The Last Gangster tell story about " A gangster is jailed for ten years after his wife becomes pregnant. He becomes bitter when she divorces him and remarries." The Last Gangster directed by: Director: Edward Ludwig | Stars: Edward G. Robinson, James Stewart, Rose Stradner, Lionel Stander
47 In Old Chicago (1937) In Old Chicago genre Approved | 95 min | Action, Drama, Musical In Old Chicago tell story about " The O'Leary brothers -- honest Jack and roguish Dion -- become powerful figures, and eventually rivals, in Chicago on the eve of its Great Fire." In Old Chicago directed by: Director: Henry King | Stars: Tyrone Power, Alice Faye, Don Ameche, Alice Brady
48 Knight Without Armor (1937) Knight Without Armor genre Approved | 100 min | Adventure, Drama, History Knight Without Armor tell story about " After two years as a Czarist British agent posing as a Russian Commissar, he rescues a Russian countess from her Bolshevik captors." Knight Without Armor directed by: Director: Jacques Feyder | Stars: Marlene Dietrich, Robert Donat, Irene Vanbrugh, Herbert Lomas
49 When You re in Love (1937) When You're in Love genre Approved | 110 min | Romance, Musical, Comedy When You're in Love tell story about " Artist Jimmy Hudson (Cary Grant) is stuck in Mexico unable to pay his hotel bill. Meanwhile, Louise Fuller (Grace Moore) opera singer is stuck in the same town unable to return to the US ... See full summary » " When You're in Love directed by: Directors: Robert Riskin, Harry Lachman | Stars: Grace Moore, Cary Grant, Aline MacMahon, Henry Stephenson