Bread 1973

A small story of a small but happy man and his fight against poverty and drought. The story takes place in Kosovo in mid-seventies, and describes one family and her fight for survival.

Call to Danger

Call to Danger 1973

A federal agent recruits a computer whiz to try to free a Mafia witness who has been kidnapped and held in a heavily fortified compound.

Wild Madagascar

Wild Madagascar

WILD MADAGASCAR spotlights the many strange and unique species of Madagascar and the impact that one species, the lemur, has had on the island's culture.

Amala, Kamala

Amala, Kamala 1971

About two girl-wolf, Amala and Kamala in 1930s India. They are captured by the British troops and placed in Military hospital, subjected to a harsh upbringing, in an attempt to make ordinary people out of them.

Searching for Shergar

Searching for Shergar 2018

Documentary in which Alison Millar sets out to unearth the secrets behind the mystery of Shergar's disappearance in 1983, at the height of the Troubles 1997

A mix of stand-up comedy and sketches, notable for its mixing of live action and computer animation. The "premise" is that a young boy is watching the show on a strange CD that his mom bought. Sketches include "Glass Booth Guy" in which a gas station clerk mocks people from his bullet-proof glass box and a sketch in which a woman is trying to break up with her weird boyfriend (he's a skeleton). The undisputed highlight is "OEDEBATTLE", a parody of Mortal Kombat-style games. In it, the young boy tries to defeat Steve's muscle-bound character; unfortunately, the characters he gets to choose from are "Accountant," "Sick Old Woman," "Little Girl," "Puppy" and "HerbaPet." —Michael "Rabbit" Hutchison

Murder Times Seven

Murder Times Seven 1990

For the third time, Lieutenant Janek is forced to face alone a difficult case, which has some brutal murders that way involving some bigwigs of the underworld. The case is complicated by the fact that one of the victims is his friend Ray Kiley. During the investigation Janek finds out that Kiley worked for counterintelligence.


Restauranten 1978

Janne, 24, gets a job as dishwasher at a restaurant in Stockholm. He meets a number of people with repressed feelings and amazing dreams.